Monday, October 11, 2010

A Touch of Fall

I finally took some pictures of my fall decor to share. I am not huge into Halloween. I like it, I do a little party, but I tend to steer away from the gore and keep it more fall-ish. I like that these decorations last me for a couple months until I am ready to pull out Christmas! Here are a few of my little touches. I don't have much extra space so I try and use what I already display and just add fall to it.
A touch of garland for the candlesticks.
Notice below that the one candlestick just has a little piece of berries that I twisted into a circle and set on top of the candlestick. I think its pretty cute!

Bowl of gourds
My harvest blocks. Lovin' those. Made them a few years ago and am always excited to pull them out each year.
Fall garland I have intermixed with the greenery already up on my entertainment center.
Wood pumpkins that I also have on top of my entertainment center. Aren't they cute?
I have 2 shelves in my kitchen. I tried to add a few things to make them fall-ier. :)
Love the wheat below! I found it last year on clearance at hancock fabric.
I am not a huge outdoor decorator. We only have a small porch and we are planning to move across the country again next summer so we are trying to keep it simple. However, I knew I had to get some mums. Nothing says fall here like mums! Aren't these gorgeous with the 2 tones? I planted them last week so they aren't super full yet, but I still love them.
Top off the porch with the pumpkins we went and picked at the pumpkin patch last Friday. I don't know why but there is just something super fun about going out into the field and finding the "perfect" pumpkin for your family.
Just one last thing...Yeah, this is what is happening to some of my decor. I am finding my gourds all over my house. My son likes to 'decorate' with them. Kids are fun. :)

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