Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tissue Balls

I am planning my little Halloween get-together decor. I am going to be using the banner I made here. I am going to be sharing my decor step by step up until Halloween so keep checking the blog. I am super excited for my final project. Today I wanted to make tissue balls. I had some halloween tissue and so I went to work making them. I can't wait to do these for a baby shower sometime! They are so dang easy and quick to make. I made some large ones. I plan to make some smaller ones too by cutting the tissue in half. This one I will show isn't as full as I would like. I only had 5 pieces of tissue left and I think it would be cuter with more, maybe like 7 or so. Its still cute though.
 Start with tissue paper. For this one that is large I didn't cut the tissue. I left it full size and just unfolded it, keeping it stacked together.
 Then starting with the shorter side, start folding like an accordian. Mine already had a fold that was about 1 inch so I used that as a guide. You'll be folding the short side all the way until it is stacked like below.
 When its all accordian folded, I tried some thread to wrap around and it kept breaking, so I got a little bit of craft wire and wired it around, careful not to tear the tissue.
 After I had the wire wrapped around the center, I cut the ends of the tissue for some flare.
 At this point I doubled over some thread and tied it around the center of the wire where the paper was gathered. I tied it a few times, and left some slack of thread to use when hanging the final product.
 After that, just start pulling the tissue outward from from the fold gently. Pulling too tough will tear it, believe me I did it! (luckily it doesn't show!)
 Fan it out layer by layer until you have it in the ball shape covering the middle. Hang and enjoy! I can't wait to show you these in my final layout! One more piece of my Party decor done!
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