Monday, October 29, 2012

2013 Calendar {Free Printable}

This post is month late. To be honest, things have just gotten crazy and I kept waiting for things to settle down...but I doubt they ever will! I am finally posting the new 2013 Calendar printables that coordinate with all my other organization {free} printables.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Bathroom Closet...

 Let's just say this has closet has been in a sorry state of affairs for quite a while now. It seems that it was the go to 'throw it' place. I had a few organizing containers...just waiting for me to organize and I finally made myself sit down and tackle this closet! Yep, here she is in all her glory. Notice the cotton balls and qtips? Wrinkled piles of beach and bath towels. As you can see this was driving me nuts! One of my biggest complaints about organization and looking pretty is functionality. Yes, I could have made this a gorgeous closet with apothecary jars and more beautiful containers that would have hid this stuff better...but for what purpose? I would have loved the look...but my husband would have had stuff scattered all over our vanity because if it takes him more than a minute to get something out...chances are he is never going to put it back away. This equals more work for me in the long run. So in our house we have to find that balance of cuteness...and practicality. So after an hour of taking everything out of the closet and starting from scratch here is the final product.