Monday, October 4, 2010

Banners- A Halloween tutorial

I really love banners and have a lovely Halloween banner to share with you today complete with tutorial. I have really been wanting to do a sewing project. I really like sewing, even though I am not great at it. I think if I was a perfectionist I would be an excellent sewer, however with my lack of caring to keep my seams nice and tight it proves to be a disadvantage! I decided to make a Halloween Pennant Banner.
 Here's is a tutorial of how to make this super cute banner!
Here are my supplies. I just went Hobby Lobby and bought some fabric I liked and this cording.
I cut them into strips and had enough for 2 pennants of each kind of fabric (4 pieces of each so I could do front and back). I did mine 6.25 inches across the top, and down the pennant was 11".
I then put each pennant with ride sides facing and sewed up each edge on the long sides leaving the top open. I just went along the seam and didn't really stick to 1/4" seam allowance. (Once again my lack of perfectionism strikes again!)
After sewing them up long sides, I flipped them right side out. Use a pen or dowel to help get the end through.
After I did this I ironed them all flat so they would hold their shape and I organized in order of how I was going to sew them to the cording to hold them in place.
On a few of them, I went back and did a zig zag stitch just for added cuteness. It didn't really show up though. I should have used different color threads, but I was too lazy to thread my bobbin so I just went to work sewing them on.
I just added them along as I went down the cording and would double over the edges of where they met to make sure it was sturdy. That was it, now I have a cute fabric banner that will last me for years to come! I can't wait until I have a cute mantle to display it on someday. It will be so cute to display over the table at my Halloween Party this year.
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  1. Your banner is adorable! I love all the pretty Halloween colors. You did a great job. I am like not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing! Would love you to stop by when you get the chance:

  2. Darling!! great tutorial...I made one for a birthday & used bias tape for the top so i could fold it in half slip the pennants inside & zip along.
    Super Cute! Happy Fall

  3. It's fabulous. Says Halloween without screaming it.

  4. Thanks ladies. That is exactly what I was going for the more "cutesy" Halloween.

  5. Super cute colors! I love the boo fabric!


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