Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cleaning Schedule for each day

 I was talking with my Sister the other day and we were chatting about keeping our houses clean among the myriad of tasks and daily living we have to do. Sometimes it really does seem overwhelming doesn't it? My Sister asked me to pass on my 'system' to her. I decided to share it here in hopes that maybe it will help someone too. Basically, I have a family organizational system that I implemented over 4 years ago just after having our first child. I have compartmentalized my life into a binder. This binder contains everything we 'need' about us and our lives. It contains anything from our contact phone numbers- to auto care history- to our Christmas card list. I will be sharing this with you in the next coming months. I am pretty excited about it, #1 because it works, #2 because it is clean, #3 did I mention it works?

I won't necessarily be starting at the beginning of our binder because of this time of year and things getting crazy, I think that covering the "cleaning" section would be in order. First off, let me say that I know and understand that there are 100 ways to do this and that everyone has there own method. Also, I think that with anything you should take it and make it your own and adapt it to your personality, style, and lifestyle. Here is the book that got me all started:
Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home
If you know me and have ever invited me to a bridal shower, than you know that this is a popular gift I give. I love this book and I found it such a huge resource. I follow the Martha Stewart method of cleaning. I must say, I hate cleaning. No really, H*A*T*E* it. The thought of all I have to do each day makes me want to just sit in my pajamas and surf the internet. If I know I have my whole house (which isn't that big) to clean it just wears me out dreading it thinking about it. Hence the saving grace of my cleaning method. I have my cleaning worked into different 3 different sections, 1-Daily Quick Clean, 2- Weekly assigned tasks(these are tasks designed to each day of the week), 3-Monthly Cleaning.
First lets talk about Daily Cleaning. These are things I need to do everyday to keep my house running smooth. When I say NEED, I mean it. Rarely will you find a dirty dish in my house, mainly because I hate stuck on food. I would rather just get things cleaned up quickly and be done with it. I also wash the countertops and table after every meal. This is mostly my way of trying to avoid bug infestations, but it has turned into a healthy habit that makes a difference. It only takes a few minutes. When I let those little things pile gets harder to face. Sitting down to read the paper at the table with crumbs just doesn't work for me! Its a little thing that I know has to be maintained and it makes all the difference. Also, mostly at the end of the day, I go through and declutter. Not clean myself silly, but pick up some of the stuff that has strayed like shoes that are 2 feet from the entry closet (see an example from our last house),
 mail sitting on my cute entry table, toys, etc. 
 Its amazing the difference it is to wake up to a mostly picked up house, versus waking up and walking out to the living areas and finding clutter and toys already and you just woke up! If you get in the habit of picking up something here and there throughout the isn't so bad. Also, your husband kids will start to learn to pick up after themselves as well without having to be scolded into it. Healthy habits make a healthy happy home! Here is my daily quick clean sheet. These are my chosen daily things to keep my house running smoothly.

This is the page that I have printed and placed at the beginning of my "Cleaning" section in my binder. I know it by heart now, but I like lists. Lists promote action from me. :)
Go here to download this sheet with my list. Go here to download this pdf sheet that you can write in your own daily quick clean schedule. Join me next week for our next installment!

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  1. Your photo of the shoe closet and hubby's shoes made me LOL! I am not blessed with a shoe closet. We have shoe racks. My hubby always lays his shoes in front of the racks. Sometimes three pairs of his shoes are in front of the racks! I wonder if (with the right jury) that would get me off for murdering him.


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