Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm thankful for...

So I know I am jumping the gun, since I still have some Halloween projects going on, but this is something I wanted to have ready for monday, Nov 1st. I made a thankful tree, each day at dinnertime we will take a leaf and write a blessing we are thankful for in our lives. I really want to recognize as a family all we have to be grateful for and there's no better time! At first this was just going to be a random thing on our fridge, but I decided that unless it was "cutes-ied"yes I make up words up, it would bother me so I went to work making it a little cuter. This was super easy though and I am happy with how it turned out.
First I took some craft foam I already had, most people would probably use paper since we will probably throw away the leaves and start anew next year anyways, but I had the foam and decided to go with it.
 First I took brown and cut my tree and branches.
Then I cut out various colors and shapes of leaves. I am sure most people with a cool cricut or silhouette (I'm saving for one!), can cut these quick, but since I don't have one and the only leaf punch I have is small...I did it by hand. Didn't take too long. I even went out into the yard to find my "stencil".
I cut out yellow, orange, and red leaves. (don't judge...I am horrible and cutting recognizable shapes!) Then I went and found an empty frame I had laying around that would fit my tree. I found this 10x20 frame I have been meaning to use and hadn't and thought it would be perfect! 
Next I just printed a little tag to adhere to the tree base. I burnt the edges since I didn't want to dig out my ink I know so lazy!. Then I punched a little hole and tied the tag around the tree base with raffia. I then taped the tree onto the scrapbook paper in the frame. It hung out the frame...which is kind of how I wanted it so I chose not to trim it. I just thought it looked cool like that especially when we add the leaves to it.
Now my "thankful" tree is all ready to go for Monday!
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  1. What a neat idea! I'm following now so I don't miss anything!

  2. I like the idea, and I especially liked how you used things you already had around, like the frame. (I found you from Somewhat Simple.)

  3. I have heard the idea of a Thankful Tree before, but I especially love the creative way you put yours together! I could do this with my kids : )

  4. oh i LOVE it! i'm going to do it and them make a second one for thanksgiving day and all out guests! thanks for posting on tatertots and jello so i could see this!

  5. Very Pretty! Like the way you put it together!

  6. This is the prettiest version of this I have ever seen... thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks Everyone! So far it is being very well received, my 4 year old asked if he could do a thankful leaf when he woke up this morning. :)


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