Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween, DIY Brooch

It's almost time for Halloween. I decided to use my leftover fabric from my Halloween banner to make a Halloween Brooch. Here are my supplies, fabric, glue gun, felt, and clasp pin to glue onto the back (not sure what those are called). I photographed some buttons as well as I planned on added them as embellishments, but after I got my rosettes done I liked them the way they were. This brooch would be super cute and versatile. I pinned in on a black cardigan for today but it would be cute on a white or colored t-shirt as well.

Rip fabric into strips. Mine were less than 1 inch wide, give or take.
Fold fabric strip in half, tie knot at end of folded fabric, cut out circles the size of your desired rosettes out of felt backing and add a dab of glue to the center of felt to glue on folded knot. I tuck the edge of the strip under the knot when I glue it down. I think the knot creates a nice "center" to the rosette.

At this point, you will just take hold of your folded fabric strip and twist it around and tack it to the felt with small dabs of glue. Play around with it, practice if you need to to get your desired "look".

Keep wrapping fabric until you get to the edge of the felt circle and then wrap under until you can't see any more felt.
At this point I just wrap the strip under the flower and glue it down under the bottom. Trim off excess fabric.

I cut out some more felt looks like mickey mouse :) and glued my rosettes to the felt as backing and then to each other (be careful so the glue doesn't smudge through, I just added a little in between to get them to be more stable). Then I glued on the 'clasp pin' and let it cool.

That's it! Add it on to your favorite cardigan, headband, hat, or handbag and you'll be showing your "festive" side in style!

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