Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kids Craft-Cheesecloth Ghosts

Here is a fun craft for kids. My 4 year old did this entire project almost by himself. Just a little help here and there and directions along the way! Spookify your home with this fun craft!
These cheesecloth ghosts are so fun for kids to make. Such an easy halloween kids craft that they will be sure to love. Here are your supplies needed: cheesecloth, glue, water, 2 bowls, 1 balloon, googly eyes,stir stick.
First off, depending on the size of ghost you want to make. You cut out 2 pieces of cheesecloth. I cut out 2 and I liked having the ghost very see-through. I blew up the balloon before hand so I could guesstimate a little easier the length of cheesecloth to cut. I wanted to make sure I had plenty to hang at the bottom and make the ghost appear more "floating".

Dump a bunch of glue into a bowl.
Add equal parts water and stir.
Dip cheesecloth into glue to soak up the glue mixture. It soaks it up pretty fast.

Blow up a balloon and tie it. (I did this beforehand) Put balloon into your bowl.
Drape 2 pieces of cheesecloth over the balloon. The children might need help with this part. Its takes a little bit of stretching to untangle the cheesecloth. Fix the bottom how you would like it laying and flowing for floating effect. Leave him to dry for about 2 hours or so. In my more humid part of the world it took like 7 hours to dry. :)

We actually switched the balloon the other way so he wouldn't have this pointy head. :) I didn't take a picture of that though.
6.Lift up your ghost and wiggle the balloon out or pop it if necessary, then glue on googly eyes.
Here is our finished product. Kind of hard to see, but that's the point!  A spooky ghost that your kids will love. Mine son is having fun actually playing with his ghosty!


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