Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monthly Deep Cleaning

This is the final step of my scheduled cleaning system. I talked about daily & weekly, and now I will cover monthly. These are tasks that don't need to be done that often, some I don't even do every month. Its just a guideline and gives me a starting point to know what needs to be done. I did have this listed 12 times(for each month) on the same sheet with a checkoff box, (I can share that if you want) but I just didn't use it. I don't have a set "monthly deep clean day", its more of a reference for when I am looking to do a little extra or have some free time for cleaning. I kind of just do these tasks as they are needed. They aren't too messy of tasks, but are necessary for home maintenance. Here is my "monthly" schedule.
You can see I have listed organize 1 closet, for me it helps to go through and re-organize a closet(or drawer!) every now and again. I can't face all our closets in 1 day, breaking it up is more manageable! I also would try and organize our garage once a month, but right now in the house we are renting we have no garage. That makes storage and organization for me a bit trickier!
 Go here for the blank pdf monthly clean sheet.
Go here for a pdf list of my monthly tasks.

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