Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting it together for the Holidays

I am jumping into the Holiday Version of my get it together series.
Managing the Holidays- This card list and need/want list, I keep in my "life organizer"  aka binder. Read my first post on that here. I thought it would be helpful to share these since they really come in handy this time of year! As with all of my sections, I just have these in plastic sleeves in the calender/holiday section of my binder.

Christmas Card Lists- 
 I keep this list in my binder and use it year after year making modifications as needed. (write addresses in pencil!) It is so helpful. Here is the first way I was keeping track. It is a good list, but I decided to modify it. However, if you want to download this first version click here for the pdf.
Here is my modified and preferred version, just more room to write.
 Click here to download a pdf of the Christmas Card list. 

Wants/Needs-This little sheet has also been a Holiday Organizing Staple for me. Doesn't hurt for birthdays either! It is a needs/wants list. Here I can keep track of any needs or wants which really helps when I am shopping. You know when you hear your sister mention how cool a 'this or that' is? Or how your husband could really use another tie? This handy dandy list will keep those ideas fresh and ready for when you need reference. It seriously helps so much and your friends/family will be so surprised when "you remembered" something they mentioned. I add things to the list and cross off as I go. This a must for me because I do NOT remember things like I use to! Click here to download the pdf of this list. 
 P.S. As you could tell, all of the things in my binder are coordinated in the same color scheme. I like to keep it cohesive! Also, let me know if you have problems with the downloads. I am not very tech savvy.

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