Friday, November 5, 2010

Another {Thankful} Idea

Thanks to the ladies at eighteen 25 for sharing this fantastic idea. They have this awesome tradition for a book of thanks in their family. I knew immediately that I wanted to do this as well. This will be something fun we can pull out each year, I plan to add pictures each year too. I think through time this will be a treasured piece of our lives! I went to hobby lobby and bought a sketch book. I loved the brown recycled look of this one. I wanted something without lines. I also picked up some acid free pens as well. I already had some fall ribbon and some burlap from another craft I made.

I just cut the burlap into a strip roughly 1 1/5 inches wide. I also cut ribbon to match.
I put them together and tied them around the front cover of the book to make it cute but still very functional.
There you have it, easy peasy. I plan to keep this out on our side table and whenever anyone feels inspired to write a little note of thanks or whatever, we will have it to share. I also plan to date the page entries with the year. This goes perfectly with my thankful tree we are doing!
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