Monday, November 29, 2010

My Travels and Breakfast

 I'm back. Whew, sometimes holiday vacations don't seem much like vacations! We got back last night and I think I will be super busy trying to clean up our luggage and house to get things back in order.
But first...I have to go grocery shopping! We have to restock! Whenever we are going out of town we use up all our perishables and so when we get back we have nothing! With no milk for breakfast...I went to the trusty cupboard and found this mix I bought last month at a Tastefully Simple Party.
  Ever heard of them? I hadn't. They have some good things, I ordered some things to try (my husband didn't love that...this stuff is pricey!). Overall, I like that stuff they offer but in my opinion homemade would taste even better! I was happy for these muffins though, otherwise we wouldn't have breakfast. These were so yummy!

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