Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Decor

Well, I have put off this post because I was waiting on more pictures of some of my other decor including my son's personal Christmas tree. Its so cute, however, since the move I lost my usb cable to my camera...and my card reader just stopped working so I can't get my pics off my camera right now. So here is what I had pictures of already downloaded.
 The front door wreath, real pine and berries. I love it.
It smells as good as it looks!
I am accenting with reds and blues to go with my white gold tree and accessories. 
Find the printable here.

The reason for the season.
Love different ornaments in apothecary jars.
My mom gave all her grandkids these cute nativity boards last year. So fun for them to play with.
Santa blocks...just cause they are cute.
I put my ruffle tree and beaded tree on the mantle.
I will post some of my other decor...if I ever get my card reader to work!


  1. I have been enjoying your blog - beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.... you have a good eye for lovely design.

    I love the little nativity board your Mom gave to her grandkids, and I think mine would love it too. Do you know where she got it?
    thank you!
    Pam ( )

  2. Thanks so much Pam. I believe she got them in Utah at a store called Quilted Bear. The grandkids do love them! I texted her and am waiting to hear back for sure, I will post if its different. :)


  3. The tree looks great with your new skirt and I love the wreath on your front door. Nothing like a little evergreen smell too.

  4. I LOVE that little nativity. Might be on my list next year!!


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