Thursday, December 1, 2011

My new tree skirt...

I know, I know. I debated about even posting this because it is yet again another "ruffled" tree skirt. I almost didn't want to use it just because they are everywhere and I am kind of over them. But I had been planning to make this skirt for a while since our tree skirt was too small for our tree and it never looked right. (this was before pinterest bombarded my life with ruffled tree skirts) But I planned to make a tree skirt that would match the style of my tree, and I figured I would bother you with yet ANOTHER ruffle tree skirt. {cringe} I ordered nylon chiffon online at the same store I use to buy supplies for making pettiskirts. They offer great fast service and color selection. Plus, I have NEVER found nylon chiffon where I live, only poly chiffon which frays badly. I cut the chiffon in 5" strips.
I bought white felt for the base. It wasn't wide enough so I went and bought more...and sewed the two pieces together. Now my sewing machine is super old and apparently is on the fritz. It wasn't having my ruffler I pleated the chiffon by hand and fed it through ever so imperfectly. it won't show;) 
 {Yes, this project took like 3 or so hours because I had to do it that way!}
I just kept adding on layers as I went.
Final Product: I can't wait to go to upstairs in our monster moving mess(yep its been like 6 months since the move) and find our train and see how it barrels through the chiffon. :)
And the tree shot: {Daytime}
P.S. I won't be linking this to any parties to save the world from another ruffled tree skirt tutorial! LOL


  1. I must be behind in the times because this is the first ruffled tree skirt I have seen. It is gorgeous! So delicate looking :) Love it!

  2. I love it! Love your tree too! Thanks!

  3. Oh so pretty and love that you 'christmased' up the page too! Tree skirts aren't that huge here in Oz so this is the first ruffled one I've seen too.

  4. Very beautiful! Congratulations!

    Jana - Mimarte Ateliê

  5. I mentioned your tree skirt on my blog. Hope you don't mind! If you do, let me know and I will take it down. :)


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