Saturday, December 3, 2011

Color Pallette Opinions

I could use your opinions. I am re-working some of my free printables for my home binder (I think I haven't shared most of them yet, sorry!). I am hoping to maybe make them more customizable for you but was also wondered what kind of color scheme I should do. My home is has pretty soft colors right now. Most fitting are the current colors I am using which is listed as #1 Calm.

I want to hear what colors you guys might like best for a home organizing binder, otherwise I will probably just keep my same simple color palette. I will be sharing a binder sheet and then all my other home organizing sheets so I want them to all be coordinated and easy to put all together. I love my binder, and I cannot wait to share more free printables with all of you. If you would be so kind, leave a comment or there is a poll on the top right side of my blog for easy voting. I will give it a few days and see what the majority of you guys out there recommend. Thanks so much!


  1. #1 it is! So keeping what you have :)

  2. I like calm the best followed by beachy.

  3. I like calm or beachy! I am working on my binder as well right now! This is such perfect timing that I saw this!



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