Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Most Essential Baby Items

As my due date approaches, I have been thinking about what I really need for this baby. It's been 7 years, but I remember with my first that I had a lot of unnecessary baby items kicking around. This time around, we are keeping things pretty minimal. Here is a list of my most used baby items. Every child and family is different, so while my child loved certain items and hated others, your child might be opposite! I recommend borrowing items to try out if you have that option, that way you'll know if its really worth buying. 

1. Burp Cloths- These were essential to have on hand anywhere we went, and I prefer to use cloth diapers. They are the most absorbent and built to last. I like to sew on some fabric to make them super cute...and they make great gifts. (tutorial here)
2. Cuddly blankets-
My mom makes baby blankets for all her grandkids and they are well loved! They are super soft and cuddly, not to mention the added details makes them super cute. My mom is so talented. Especially loving the tricot quilt she quilted by hand, so soft and gorgeous detail. Plus it matches the nursery! Love  lavender.
3. Baby Monitors- These were essential for us, and I love that there are so many options out there including video monitors.
4. Playmat- This was a must have in our house.
5. Stroller- We loved having the option of going on walks. I have a nice bob stroller but can't use it for an infant so I borrowed a travel system from my sister to use while our little one grows. These are also super handy to have when your trying to shop at places like the mall without carts to hold the carseat. :)
6. Exersaucer (Jumper)- This won't come in handy until baby gets a bit older, but it was hands down my son's favorite thing to do. I couldn't get him to sit in the swing, bouncer, or anything else for long...but he loved the entertainment his exersaucer provided.
I hope this was helpful, I know when your expecting your first it seems like you need everything...but sometimes that's not the case. Once again, my best recommendation would be to borrow products if you can to make sure your child likes them before you jump into a big purchase!
I'd love to hear what your 'must have' baby items are.

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