Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Changes and Baby Updates

This past week has been full of changes so I thought I would give an update of what's going on in our world. Our house for the past week was a little crazy because we decided to get new countertops throughout our kitchen and all our baths. We are so happy we invested in them and are already loving them. Here is a sneak peek of the granite we chose...before and after room pics to come!

If you saw our nursery project post...you know I bought this light for the baby's room. I'm happy to report that it is installed and so lovely! 
As for the rest of the nursery, most of it will have to wait until after baby gets here. I don't think I've done a baby 'update' in a while so I thought I would share the latest. I am 33 weeks and moving along. I have basically been put back on modified bedrest, hoping to keep this baby safe and tucked away as long as we can. I went in at 29 weeks for steriod shots to help develop her lungs and right now I am just taking it easy. My sister came out for the past 2 weeks and took care of everything including me! Her husband was installing the countertops and she helped everything to go smoothly since I wasn't able to be up and about. She was a lifesaver! So that's where we are at babywise...hoping baby girl stays put as long as she can! 

Also, I've got some fun Halloween projects that I finished before I was put back on bedrest that I can't wait to share so stay tuned!

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  1. So glad your baby girl is doing well. I hope she stays put for a while longer, too! Can't wait to see your Halloween projects.


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