Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The magic word right? Sure wish I had more of it these days. Unfortunatly something's gotta give and lately its blogging! Hopefully things will slow down somewhat so I can post more of my fun projects and do more blog surfing to see all the cool things ya'll are up too! In the meanwhile, I'll keep working on YW, cleaning and maintaining my house, being a mom, being a wife, photography, and counting every single calorie that goes in my mouth! Believe it or not, that last one takes up a lot more time than I thought. I think its good though. So far I am down 9 lbs, now if I can just stay away from these bad boys:

I practically had to run out of Kroger last night because of their little booth. I would have stopped too, but I had no cash. So I guess I will have to make sure I don't have cash until cookie season is over. Have you indulged this year? I've gotta save my treat time for my little boys 5th birthday coming up! I can't believe he'll be 5! I am designing some fun party printables and I will post them for free download soon! 

P.S. If you were curious, I have designed St. Patty's party printables twice and both times the files were corrupted! Ugh, so after working on them and having nothing to show I kinda just don't feel like doing it a 3rd time. (I created a template for them that was on the wrong setting so that was my problem.)

I'll be back soon!


  1. Oh my gosh I haven't found any girlscouts yet-need to NOW!

  2. I don't have a problem with those cookies, my weakness is Dairy Queen. It's really bad. I am giving it up for 40 days. Let's see how I do.

  3. my problem is my own oven. I bake and I eat what I bake. I have perma-chocolate on the brain. Maybe daylight savings will trick me into getting out of bed to exercise.


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