Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabric Inspiration

Lately, I have taken after one of my favorite designers, Sarah Richardson, and have been looking for fabrics to inspire me. I love that she always seems to start her design off of a fabric that she loves. I am moving to a new place and it is always fun to dream of starting fresh.
I found some fabric that I adore. It just spoke to me when I saw it. I so love it. Isn't it lovely? So many shades to work with and a beautiful pattern. You can see it accented in this amazing home.
The only problem is at $178/yd might be a little out of my budget! Cue I love looking on there for inspiration. Especially when I am stuck in my house because of rain. (It was so nice last week but my ds was sick so we were stuck inside most this week is turning rainy and yucky!)
Anyways, I went looking for similar fabrics that could fit my budget and ordered a few samples of coordinating fabrics. I am thinking either accents for my living room(I have light beige leather sectional) or for my bedroom. 
Online these looked like they would coordinate...uh not so much! I was hoping for a main swirly paisley like pattern with light blue, a little green, tans, and maybe some ochre. 
I wanted to love this one. But it is kind of dark and more on the green side than anything. (You can't really tell here though)
This is beautiful. I really love that it is mainly a beautiful blue tone, although I would love it if it had a tiny bit of sage and ochre. Just a little bit. I'll keep looking but this fabric is gorgeous in person. Definitely an option, but I am just not sure if it allows me as much range as I was hoping for design wise. It looks great next to my couch though. I've got plenty of time to dream and plan. We won't be buying until we live in the new area for a year or so and know our way around so maybe our rental will have orange shag carpet and wood paneling and I'll have to accent that. Yikes, I hope not!  How do you get inspired? I want to find something that I can enjoy for a while without wanting to change it up too soon.


  1. I love that fabric too but can't believe how expensive it is! Wow!! Keep shopping and hopefully you can find something just as nice for less money.

  2. I really do like the last fabric, though. Good luck with the search!


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