Friday, February 22, 2013

What I'm Lovin' 2/22/13

 Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a great week, if this is your first time here each Friday I do a lifestyle post about 'What I'm lovin'. If you guys want to join me, feel free to leave your link in comments of what you're currently loving. I am always up for recommendations!

Also, the kitchen aid winner has been chosen, congrats to Entry #26824 Tracy D. 

Now here's what I'm lovin' this week:
1.BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband- (FYI this is not sponsored I bought this on my own!) Okay, so do you watch biggest loser? Have you seen the little gadgets they wear on their arms? Well, earlier this year my sister bought one, then my mom bought one, and weeks later after hearing them talk about them I knew I had to get one. 
It claims a 90% accuracy and so far it seems to be doing a great job. What does it do? It tells me how many calories I burn, how my activity levels are, how I'm sleeping at night, etc. I enter in my caloric intake via myfitnesspal and there is an app that syncs with my body media so I can get real-time stats. (you do pay a small subscription fee each month so just be aware of that!)
I have had a few bugs to work out with the app, but so far all have been resolved and I really like this. I think for me this has been really helpful so I can see calories in vs. calories out. And it really is amusing to see how it tracks my sleeping and when I wake in the night. I know that I wake a lot at night, its been funny to see my stat report and go "yep, I remember being awake then". 
Overall, I have just really been enjoying this and I hope it will help me with my fitness goals. I bought mine on Amazon because it was cheaper and I got free shipping. I also got 1 month free subscription. So far I have had it a month and I'm lovin' it.

2. Strawberries- These have been an easy go to snack, they are healthy and so yummy. 
 I have gotten some really yummy ones lately and have even incorporated them into my cooking. I put them in my crepes this week and it was a hit! I'll be sharing that recipe soon. Do you guys have any fun or healthy strawberry recipes to share?
3. Jordana Lipliner Pencil Tawny- I came across this lipliner at walgreens and after trying it have really loved it. For one, the color on my lips is pretty natural and goes with almost all my lipsticks and glosses. Also, it is super cheap, under $2 at my walgreens. You can't go wrong with that. If you're looking for a new lipliner...check it out. I also got a Jordana lipgloss in grapefruit that I am enjoying as well.

4. Crafty Tuesday Link Party- I was nervous to host this party, I thought it would be a great way to interact with you all and see what you've been up to, but to be honest I was afraid no one would link up! Yep, I felt like a junior high kid. :) But you all came and linked up and I love seeing what you've been up to. You guys are so talented and just want to thank you again for linking up. I will be doing a feature highlight post this weekend and if you haven't linked up go here because the party is still open! Also, I have been working on 'big' project for my master bedroom this week I can't wait to share!

I would love to know "what you're loving", so if you want to share leave a comment!

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