Friday, February 1, 2013

What I'm Lovin {2/1/13}

Here is what I'm lovin' right now.

1. Bountiful Baskets- I'm not sure if these are available in every area in the US, but they are available here and I am loving them. Super cheap and you get tons of fruits and veggies. This past week was one of my best yet...pretty much all things we eat so nothing will waste! This works great for us because fresh produce is hard to come by in Wintry Wyoming. :)
2. Fresh flowers- These fresh flowers just add such a fun touch to our home and keeps me dreaming of spring/summer. Plus, they fit right in with my valentines decor. I got these at walmart for under $10. (I arranged them myself)
3. I am lovin' my winter scarves. This one is my favorite as of late, I got it at Kiki La'Rue and I actually bought it in a few colors. It is so soft and warm, I just adore it. (Please excuse the lame "I took my own picture" picture. I know its lame...but I wanted to show you my scarf and I had just got dressed for the day and no one was around and I couldn't find my timer yeah the bathroom mirror shot. I felt so dumb!)
4. Family Visits~!!! Yep, I have family coming into town to stay with us and visit and I cannot wait!

I would love to know "what you're loving", so if you want to share leave a comment!

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