Monday, January 9, 2012

Downloading Printables {Tutorial}

  I put together a little tutorial to help with my free downloads. I hope this can be helpful. First off, you'll click on the link I provide with my blog and it should take you directly to the file on 4shared file sharing website. You should NOT have to log in or create an account. This is what the page should look like:
 I have circled where you should click. If you click on the other download options you'll have to download different stuff or pay for an account which you don't want to do! So after you click on the download now button it should like something like this:
 Notice it is going to make you wait 20 seconds to download the file...if you click on the icons that say (don't like waiting, or click here) you will be asked to pay for a premium account to avoid the delay. Don't do it, just be patient. :)
 This is what it will look like after you wait the 20 seconds, a link will come up that says Download file now. Go ahead and click on that to get the download.
 It will ask you if you want to just open the file or save it. That's up to you. I usually save all my files first and then open them so I have the download saved on file.
 That's it. I hope this helps. I have looked into other sharing options, but so far everything I have found is asking me to pay and so at this point that's not going to work! LOL, let me know if you have any problems. I always try and get back to any inquiries so if you haven't heard from me the email might have just got buried to try again! :)

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