Monday, December 6, 2010

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

Today I am sharing how to make these Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods. These are so easy and are a hit at every party!

These are so simple to make and everyone loved them! They were one of the first things to go. I am sure there are many ways to make this, but here is how I did it. (I decided to use candy wafer melts instead of chocolate but the process is pretty much the same.)
First I got my supplies, a glass bowl for melting the candy wafers, spatula to stir, pretzel rods to dip, wax paper to put them on after they are dipped, and sprinkles for cuteness. (I sometimes worry the candy melts are too waxy but these worked wonderfully and tasted fantastic!)
First off, melt your candy melts according to package directions. Usually on half heat for 30 seconds intervals stirring in between each interval. These can be tricky because you think they are not melting but if you keep stirring they start melting. Otherwise you might overcook and the candies will seize...which is not good. After your candies are melted smoothly start dipping. Because I used a large bowl, I had to use my spatula to help cover the pretzel rods. I would spoon the melt over the rod and then hold onto 1 end of the pretzel rod and 'shake' down the excess off the end. This may sound confusing but you'll know what I am talking about if you try it. This will smooth out the candy on the rod and the excess will drip off the bottom. At this point you can set them on the waxed paper.
I did a few at a time and then just sprinkled them with the candy melt still fresh. It took a few minutes for the candy to set up and so I was able to do several rods before I sprinkled a bunch. Super easy. Then just let them set up (maybe 20 minutes? probably depends on your house temp and location) and you're good to go. I stacked these on a platter and they were a hit! Of course, anything that is salty and sweet is good in my book. :)

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