Friday, December 10, 2010

Affordable Gift Idea

I usually have to get really creative when gift giving on a student loan budget. I wanted to find something to give that was practical, affordable, and not crap. :)
I found these little notebooks at Hobby lobby for $1.99 a set. I think they are adorable and I LOVE these. One is a little notepad that you could fit in your purse, the taller one has a magnet on the back, perfect for the fridge. I bought these and some little candies to give as gifts.
I found these brown bags at hobby lobby 2/$1.00. I bought the tissue that was normally $3.99 for 50% off. Which I will have tons leftover to use for other things. I wanted to keep things simple. I made some gift tags in photoshop you can download here. I like to share! (Like with all my designs...I am NOT a designer, I just like to do it for fun.) I also used raffia which I didn't take a picture of. I always have raffia on hand.
Got my handy dandy 2" scallop punch and punched out my tags. I use this baby for cupcake toppers and party labels as well.
I then got my hole punch and punched 2 holes to thread my raffia through.
I threaded the raffia through the holes with the tag on it, and then back behind and through the holes again to tie in front. Make sense? I know I am horrible at describing. Here's a pic.
And there you have it.
I just wrote on the back, but planned to maybe add a little notecard inside with the gift.
Cute and simple and affordable!

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