Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food Storage

(Pardon the crappy pic, as a photographer it makes me cringe but I was lazy and went with it! LOL)
Food storage is a good thing right? Than how am I supposed to do it when I have no where to even store regular groceries? My kitchen storage is minimal at best, so while we are renting our home I had to get creative. Now, as you can see below, its not pretty...but its functional. We have an open basement that we use as storage, playroom, and my little pantry. Please look beyond the hideous light wood paneling (its gross I know, but heck its just a rental!) I bought these two large metal storage racks. Then I recycle some cardboard from our moving boxes, or from the bulk food sale and use these to help organize the food a little better. I buy things on sale, and try and keep a stockpile of things we use regularly. Plus, there are those things that I HATE running out of. Like getting dinner ready and realizing your out of ketchup or pizza sauce...that is so annoying to have to run to the store last minute. Not to mention it isn't great on the wallet either being forced to pay whatever prices. This has been heaven sent and super practical.

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