Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleaning Tips

I have just spent a lot of time cleaning. Seems like we are a messy bunch I guess!:) Anyways, I just wanted to share a few tips that have saved me so much headache! I know that most people probably know these, but I didn't so I will share just in case there is someone out there like me.

Tip #1: Cleaning Kitchen Rags- Okay so I use little dish cloths to wipe counter tops clean sink. After I wipe down the initial mess I then clean the surface with a cleaner and paper towel, but for initial mess picking up and scrubbing I use dish rags. Well, if you use dish rags and especially if you live in a humid area you will notice they get to stinkin' and smell rotten! Ugh. I would wash them and they would still smell rotten so then I would throw them away. Finally someone suggested added bleach to the washer. Well, it saved my rags. Everytime they come out of the dryer they smell fresh and clean and ready to get to work! I love it, seriously thank you clorox!

Tip #2: Shower curtain liners. Well, to be honest I used to throw them away and replace them. Didn't know any better, when they started to get moldy or mildewy(is that a word?) I would toss them. Then with our budgets stretched as students I figured even just saving a couple bucks will help and I started washing the curtain liners. Just run them through the wash, with a little bleach and walla! Clean and good as new. I then throw them in the dryer on low because it is hard to get the water out of all the creases.

Long story short, bleach is helpful. Bleach makes my life easier. I like bleach.

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