Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Online Mirror- Bedroom Wall Mirror

This is one of my cute projects I wanted to share. When I found this mirror it was in sad condition at the peddlers mall. It was originally a brass frame (I think) but was then painted with a pinkish type of paint that almost felt like fingernail polish. It was all over the mirror. Then someone painted it gold after the pink. It has a texture to it, I am not sure if that was just a result of some crappy paint jobs or what, but even in this ugly gold mirror I saw potential. With a little spray paint, I knew it would be perfect in my bedroom that I am working on re-doing. So I bought this sad little mirror and about an hour later, I had my new wall find that fits in my damask bedroom perfectly!! If my walls wouldn't have been painted white I would have probably painted it heirloom white. But that black worked out great. Just goes to show that even ugly ducklings have potential right?

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