Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bedroom Help

My bedroom dilemma. When we were first married and finishing undergrad...we needed a dresser and so we went to the store and bought this little particle board miracle to share. I got 3 drawers, and my husband got 2. It has been a pain, but since we are still in school (a little over a year left) we have made due. We have thought about investing in a bedroom suite, but since we move so much we kind of want to wait and splurge on something nicer when we are completely done with school and our cross country moves. As you can see, the dresser didn't survive our last move. The bottom of the dresser frame broke so the bottom drawer wouldn't stay in....then came the next drawer up, finally under all the weight the middle drawer just broke this past month.

After checking local furniture stores and thrift stores, we finally found a solid wood dresser that I think will be great for us! It was a steal and just needs a little work with reinforcing a few drawers. Whats even better is that we saved $ on it, and I was able to buy an old 3 drawer bureau type thing that I am going to refinish as well! Pics of that to come is my weekend project! I think when we eventually buy our bedroom suite, I will repaint this bedroom dresser and put it in my craft studio! I want to repaint it black for now to match my bedroom...but I am pretty sure my husband will fight me, so it may take a little coaxing~! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions let me know.

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