Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Remodeling Attic Room

We have the Cutest room above our garage we call our attic room. It is a good size unfinished space with adorable dormer windows.  I love this room and for the past 2 years, this has served as an extra storage area where we left unpacked boxes, unused decor, and my craft supplies. Not gonna lie, its kind of resembled a hoarders room. :) Enter our current home project: Remodeling Attic Room!
Here are some befores of how its looked these past 2 years.

 We originally planned to work on refinishing this room into a den/office/spare bedroom area this summer. As with most plans, my bedrest and pregnancy limitations made this a little difficult.  I knew there was no way I could get this room cleaned out to start work. Luckily, my mom and sister came out last month and went through this whole room top to bottom! (Thank heavens for family!)
 They helped organize and sift through unwanted items and moved my craft supplies, extra decor, and unused items to the basement and gave away the rest. 
With the room all emptied, we were able to start the next step! My Brother in Law came out and started on some electrical and framing out a good walk in closet. 
 This is seriously the cutest shaped room ever. I love the window areas, I am picturing window seats with upholstered cushions, or bean bags for kids reading nooks. :)
 We've still got lots of work ahead of us. I was hoping this room would be done before baby comes...but I am thinking it will take a bit longer! We are currently working to get a ac/heat system put in. That's kind of holding us up for now. Its a bit tricky to tap into our current system and with this rooms weird temperatures from being above the garage its proving challenging to find an affordable workable option. As soon as we get that figured out and put in we will finish insulation and drywall. 
 I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our current project and stayed tuned for more updates! I have several "attic" room ideas pinned on pinterest I am using for inspiration you should check out!
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  1. Oh I'm soooo jealous that you have this space to work with lol - for some reason I've always dreamed of having an attic ( I have a board on pinterest for attics too )
    Can't wait to see what you do!!!

  2. Love that space! So many possibilities. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  3. Hi, My name is Brenda Stanton. WOW! I was searching on Houzz for ideas because guess what? I am turning my attic into a Sewing/Craft room too! I just 'happened' on your blog when I was doing a search on bing for craft rooms! I had originally planned to turn the space into a 'man cave' for my husband, but he really didnt seem too on board with the idea. About a week ago, out of frustration, I said to him, 'well, since you dont really seem like you want to move in there, I'll take it and move my sewing room there." He quickly, 'said, yeah that would probably make a great sewing room for you, you could put a window in, yada yada..." I jumped on it because as usual, he has zero vision. I called the awesome carpenter out that built us a fantastic deck this past summer, and he has agreed to take the job starting in january, and gave me a super deal on his labor! I've decided since I have a storage unit I rent FULL of excess (excess) household stuff, I am going to sell everything from there to help supplement the project! I just think this will make it even more exciting! My attic is (judging from your picture) about the same size as your's with the dormer window in exactly the same place! I have an upper attic I would one day like to turn into a HUGE walk in closet (but that's another story!). This one is over the garage just like your's. I will be reading your blog and your pintrest to see what you do with your space and if I have some to offer, I will gladly post them. I am definitely a 'hands on' person. I've done alot to my own home myself and I love how it looks now. I was lucky enough to pick up 4 metal pattern cabinets when a local Piece Goods shop went out of business about 10 years ago and they have just been sitting in the attic because of no where else to go, so hopefully they will finally have a home! I plan to have the project completely done in March (carpenter gave me a deal if I let him do the job during the winter, his off season). Your project may be completely done by now because it looks like you've been moving fast, but either way, I am excited to see what you do. Congrats on the new baby you are expecting!!!

  4. Hi, I am Charmente. I am also currently remodeling my attic into a Sewing/Craft space. I had this crazy idea to turn the space into a 'man cave' for my wonderful husband (who unfortunately has zero vision when it comes to remodeling anything). So, I suggested I move my sewing room from our spare bedroom to this attic space and he thought it would make a great space too! I am very excited at the prospect. This past summer, I had a new deck added on by a fantastic carpenter. He has agreed to make the changes to the attic if I will allow him to work this winter on it which is his off season. Because it is also his slack period for work, he is charging me very little so long as I just buy all materials (great deal!). So, I will be following your project since the spaces are virtually identical. I will also ck out your Pintrest page too! And Congrats on the baby!


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