Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simple Gallery Wall

I have had a blank wall behind our couch for over a year now. It's been driving me crazy but I just haven't been able to decide what to do with it. Finally I decided to do a gallery wall. With loads of inspiration from pinterest, I went shopping. 

I hit wood connection while visiting family in Utah and got two 8x10 and 1 16x20 frame. I also got a big monogram letter to add to the wall. I found some cute scrolly 5x7 frames (from HL) that matched the ones I bought at wood connection and I came home and got to painting. I have some square frames that I was going to add in with the letters and scrolly frames. I was so excited! I kept thinking I would paint some yellow since its one of our accent colors but I totally couldn't do it! It just wasn't sitting right with me so I went with classic white. (that should have been my first clue that my big fun trendy gallery wall wasn't going to happen!)

 With a few of my wood frames I had to putty the corner seams so the cracks became seamless.

 I had grand plans, a big monogram letter, blank frames, maybe something fun and eclectic like subway art. I got some seamless paper and cut out outlines of the scrolly frames to work on placement on my wall. 
  However, once I starting working on my layout I hated it all! It just wasn't us. It was cute...but not 'us'.  So I kept rearranging something until I got something I liked that I think compliments our home...and it is totally simple. No fun eclectic hangings, no letters, nothing funky or even really cool:( I hate when I plan something in my head...but it is just too trendy and doesn't fit. So this is what ended up looking the best. I axed the subway art and went to a simple family sign instead. See how I made it here.
 This almost seems anticlimactic especially considering this project has taken me months of deciding to finally hang these frames! I also decided to use command strips so if I get tired of this I can switch it out with no damage or repair needed for the wall. So there ya have it. That's it folks...simple and totally us.

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