Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween'y Bracelet

A few weeks ago I guest posted on Blissful & Domestic. It was my first guest post ever...thanks Danielle! Anyways, I made a festive bracelet and in case you missed it I'll show you how.

I started with a wood bead necklace I found at the thrift store for less than a dollar.
I cut the elastic cording to release the beads. I loved how there were many sizes to choose from!
I spray painted some of them black. My son thought they were olives...:)
I took some white paint and a little brush and just did dabbed little bits of paint to make polka dots. I let it dry and then sprayed it with poly.
After the painted wood beads were dry, I went to my ribbon stash and picked a nice black grosgrain ribbon. I threaded the beads on alternating different kinds. Some plain, some painted.
After I got it to my desired length leaving enough tie it off, I cut the ribbon and added some fray check. I also gathered up some accent colors to tie onto the bracelet to make it "halloweeny".
Here is my finished product. I think it turned out so cute, festive yet not overboard! The best thing is that you can switch out the accent ribbons (see sample pic below) and make it more versatile for year round accessorizing.
Here it is with pink accents.

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