Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming Soon...

Just wanted to let you all know that the November calendar will be coming soon next week! I am going to be helping my sister move for the next week so I won't be available so if ya email me...just know I will respond I just might be extra late.  I have some fun printables and projects to share. Things have just gotten crazy but I will share soon. Also...what do you think of this piece?

It is solid and intricately hand painted...what would you do with it? I does not match anything in my house at all style wise, but I think that painting over it would be so sad. What would you do? I got it for free from my MIL and it is a very nice piece with deep drawers that would be so handy. I would love to hear your thoughts, everyone who has seen it so far has said DON'T TOUCH IT!!


  1. I agree...DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! It is beautiful, and if it doesn't match it eclectic!

  2. I agree! It is beautiful! Maybe a tablecloth, if you have it in an obvious spot where it really looks odd...but personally, I'd want to see it!

  3. I don't agree... if it would fit better in your home a different color, paint it... I believe in having things in my home that really have a place. If you have a place for the furniture, but the colors don't work- make it fit!! :)

  4. You could cover the drawer fronts with fabric and use something temporary to secure it. That way, if you like the original design later, you haven't ruined it and you can enjoy it now. You can always drape something over the top as well like a table cloth. Good luck!

  5. Thanks so much for the opinions guys! I never thought of doing fabric...that could be interesting!


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