Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Home Goals

This year I decided to write down a few of my "home" goals or projects that I would like to focus on and/or complete throughout this year. I have so many to do's in the wings...but with limited free time nowadays I thought I would just focus on a couple.
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 My first big project I would like to complete is the remodel and finishing of our "Attic Room". 
I've shared this before, this project has been quite the chore. So far we have all the insulation and beam work complete, we have also had the electrician and heating/cooling specialists installing a separate unit for this space since its above the garage. Next up is Sheetrock, finishing work, carpet...and then we will have us a room to decorate! So excited to finally get this done.
 Another goal is to paint my front door. I think it needs a color. My husband disagrees with me and prefers it to stay white...we will see who wins out on this one. :)

 Another goal is to actually finish decorating one of our bathrooms. None of our bathrooms are decorated and this one pictured above is still in the process of having its ceiling painted! Its been that way since before I got pregnant this last year...oops! So I want to for sure *finish* at least one of our bathrooms. Maybe more who knows!
I bought this curio along with a matching hutch that I planned to refinish. This one is in progress, a chalk paint project I will share soon. I am hoping to get the hutch finished this year as well. Right now it is residing in my basement. :)
Lastly, I would like to re-do my dining area. After painting the molding and bottom wall in the room, I would like the ceiling painted white and a nice gray on the walls.

What are your home goals?

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