Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update and Bloglovin'

Hey ya'll, Just getting my blog updated on blog lovin'. I just switched over from google reader and was wondering from those of you who use Bloglovin' how you like it? I have a feeling I'll miss google reader.

I'll have an update post coming up soon and whats going on in our world...I know I kind of left you guys hanging. Bedrest has allowed me to go through over a years worth of photos though and I found tons of projects I had yet to blog those posts will be coming soon. I am kind of excited I didn't get around to sharing them yet, so I will still have fresh projects to share even though right now I am not crafting. :)

Thanks  again for all the kind prayers, thoughts, and emails coming to our family at this time! We are so grateful.

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  1. So happy that all is well with you Marie. I'll bet it WAS fun to have the time to go through old photos and projects. It will be fun to see what you have to share! Blessings to you and your sweet family, Patti

  2. Hi, Marie! So glad to hear from you and that you're doing well!! Can't wait to see your projects!!
    Keeping you, your family and your precious baby in our prayers!!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  3. Just me again. I love Bloglovin'! Patti


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