Friday, November 16, 2012

{Fall Favorites}

Sorry if this is a repost...I accidentally clicked publish before I typed the post. Oops! I just wanted to share some of my favorite fall projects &free printables from the past for my new readers!

One of my favorites: Our "blessings" Tree. We love filling it up each season. Click here to go the post with tutorial.
 Our Thankful book that we bring out this time of year and leave it sitting out to write our many blessings and thoughts each year! Click here to see more of this.
 An easy decor project that is so simple and beautiful. My "Give Thanks" frame. I love this! Click here to this post!
 This is a family favorite for sure. Our little turkey. We have a special family night each year where we take turns saying blessings while adding a feather to our little turkey until he is beautiful like our lives that are so richly blessed! Go here to see details. This is definitely a kid pleaser, and kinda fun for adults too! :)
Some beautiful free printables that make great gifts too! Go here to check these out.
 I hope you enjoy counting your "blessing" this year!
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