Friday, May 11, 2012

Gold Mirror Re-do

After living here almost a year...I am finally getting a sense of what I want to hang where. I really haven't done much decorating, and in a way I think it has been good to 'live' in this space and figure out what I really want, and what will really work for our home. Our entry is small and I just had this little table with flowers on it, but it needed something.
I headed up to my 'junk' room where everything I haven't unpacked is including all our decorations and my thrift store finds. I came across the perfect gold mirror.
The gold is not my style, but with a little primer and turned out perfect. I love it, the perfect addition to my small entry. (plus it feels good to finally start making our home our own!)


  1. I love the mirror there! So perfect and very cute! You need to come decorate my house next :)

  2. I love the way the mirror turned out! By the way I just found your blog and have been looking at all of your stuff now for the last day and I think it's great! It has given me lots of new idea's. Thank you...

  3. Gorgeous! I love scrolly fancy stuff, gold or white! Found your blog through a Linky party for your black Halloween wreath. Very cool!


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