Friday, November 11, 2011

Guess what I have been doing??

After browsing the links you guys sent to me (Thanks again!) I decided to give these Cabochons a go. At first, I decided to try the acrylic to color them. I tried several colors and here is how they basically all turned out.
Speckled, the color didn't mix in. Not to mention it caused a lot of air bubbles on the back. They weren't smooth. So...I ran to Hobby lobby and bought a few pigments to try. Using the exact same method, here is the difference. (back view)
Notice using the pigment made it completely smooth and the color is so creamy as well. I did lots of color shades/combos. Only bad thing was they didn't have black pigment so I am going to make more once that comes in for some darker neutral shades.
Overall, this was actually pretty easy. A little expensive since I had to buy the pigments...but since I was going to be buying these for myself and to make as gifts the cost will balance out. Plus, it was kind of fun to conquer the challenge. I had read horror stories about how difficult resin is, maybe certain types and techniques are. This was very simple. I might put together a detailed tutorial on these with the products I used and costs since there are so few, but for now I will just share the sites I used. Now I can't wait to assemble them into jewelry pieces and use them for some other projects as well! Thanks again for the comments/emails with website suggestions. You guys rock!
For info on making Resin Cabochons go here:


  1. Great job glad the site was helpful. I have been sitting on some resin for a while bit scared to start. Might have to get it out.

  2. Those turned out really cool!!


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