Friday, July 29, 2011

Decorating Dilemma

I'm not sure why, but I have only hung one thing on the wall the entire month we have lived here. I just can't seem to decide what I want to put where! Furniture placement was a given, there was only 1 way our furniture could go, but the decorating has me at a loss. For instance, take the mantle:
Cue the 1 thing I have hung up so far, a picture I took of where I got married.
 That's it...for the whole house, only thing hung up. Now that I have the picture...what do I use as accessories? I have a whole room full of all kinds of items...but I can't make up my mind of what I want where! Want to see some more of my headache inducing spaces(these are in my living room only...I still have my whole dang house to consider)?
Blank wall in between front window and entry.
 Wall behind our sectional, which is the biggest blank wall space we have in the room.
Now I have tried to put things around...but I just end of getting annoyed and stacking them all on our armoire. Here are a few of the things I have tried on our mantle at different times these past few weeks. (don't mind the fake plant that got smashed in the
I wanted to add some antiques with my current decor, but I am not sure its going to work, hence the reason I  have everything stacked up there...and all my other stuff is still stowed away. Why can't I make up my mind? Nothing is looking quite right, maybe if I get my curtains and accent pillows made things will become more clear? I even tried to brighten up our front porch to see if that would be one space I could conquer. I went and bought planters for outside and attempted to get some flowers even though I know they only have like a month until it will be too cold to survive here. :) Let's just say, there are no decent flowers anywhere anymore! Most stores are closing them out and so this is what I came home with...clearly ridiculous and sparce...I have got to get more to fill the planter, its so sad looking. :)
So yeah...decorators block going on here. Hence the reason I have read like 15 books in the last few weeks...I love avoiding work, especially when I just can't get it to come together! Avoid and postpone apparently is my new motto. :)


  1. I hear ya - when starting from scratch it's hard to decide on something. I'm the worst at that too. So pick a small space or area to work on. Otherwise it can all be very overwhelming to look at all the blank walls and spaces. Good luck! Hope you're feeling okay these days too.

  2. I like the pic with all the things sitting there. Looks great to me.


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