Sunday, February 20, 2011

Decor Switch-V-day to St. Patty's

I don't usually do much with St. Patty's decor, but I wanted to do a few updates. Remember this frame I love and over use all the time?

 I love this frame, and as I mentioned when I made my valentine 3-d art. I initially had burlap backing this frame and vinyl on the glass. I really love how it looks and haven't wanted to take off the vinyl yet. Trouble is the glass is glued on this frame, which I didn't realize, so when I was updated I just cut out some white card stock and slid it in front. Problem solved! Here is my update from Valentines to St. Patricks decor.
 Took out the hearts to put away with Valentine Decor for next year.
 Little glittery shamrocks from Hobby Lobby. I was hoping for something smaller and not glittery, but this is the best option I found.
 Filled frame with white card stock (I think patterned scrapbook paper as a backing could look super cute, but I am keeping my style fairly simple.)
 Glue on Shamrocks...and you're done! Super easy update!
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  1. I love it! So simple and easy to do! Being in Denmark it's hard to find seasonal crafting materials, but I will have to scour the town and see if I can find something with a St. Patrick's day theme.

  2. You know how much I love this! Very cute. You also take incredible pictures. Any tips?


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