Thursday, January 20, 2011

Red Heart Paper Quilling

I am loving how this Paper Quilling Heart project turned out. Let's just say there have been way too many snow days lately. This week has just been crazy and I feel like I haven't even got anything done! The other day we were stuck in the house while it was dark and rainy, so I decided to try paper quilling. I wanted to make a heart. I took some pics along the way of my first quilling project, I didn't really know what I was doing but I still had fun and liked how it turned out. Pardon the lighting, I had no natural light so I strapped on the external flash and went to town.
First I used cardstock in a deep red color I liked. Cardstock is a little tricky because of its stiffness but it is the only red I had on hand (besides kids construction paper) I cut them into 1 inch wide strips roughly because I wanted some good dimension for my final project.
I started at one end slowly rolling the paper tightly until it was all rolled.

They ended up looking like this. When I let go of them they loosen and each take on their own little personality.
I decided to use a little hot glue and dabbed a little on the end to keep the rolled paper bound.
I set up all my rolled circles together and put them in a heart shape. I kept rearranging them until I got them how I liked them. Notice the very bottom one is different, I squeezed the very bottom of the circle to elongate it. After I had them how I liked them I started using a little hot glue to glue them to each other. One thing to note: Using a craft glue of e6000 would probably be less obvious, I wasn't as careful as I should of been so if you look close you can see evidence of the hot glue. 
I thought these could be so cute on a valentine card, hanging up, as a garland, or even just sitting out. I really loved how the look turned out. Okay, moving on. :)
I went to the basement to find something to put my heart on. I am working on crafting with what I have and re-purposing items already in my stash. I found this little wood plaque that I had previously painted black to use for a different project that never happened.  I just got some flat white paint and painted over the black. I should have used primer, but I didn't, so after like 3 coats we were good to go.
I did a light sanding on the edges just to add some personality, and you can see that some of the black started showing through which looked good.Then I just lightly put a few dabs of hot glue on the back side of the heart and stuck it on. Didn't get a picture of that step but I'm sure you get the picture!
Final product. Note to self: be more careful with the hot glue next time! If I had my sillouette (I'm still dreaming of one...think of all the cool stuff I could make!) I would have possibly added a little vinyl to spice it up a bit.
I'm so Lovin' doesn't hurt that it was free since I had everything I needed to make it work.

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  1. This is beautiful, So simple and elegant. I love! nice job.

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  3. Thanks so much! It was kind of fun and super easy.

  4. Beautiful and simple. Love it!

  5. The heart's just gorgeous....well done!

    Here's my entry...


  6. I love this - Im your newest follower. Stop by if you have a chance.

  7. What a great idea! I love it!

  8. You have made the finals! Check it out!

  9. Voted for you! I love the idea and I am going to try and make one. Thanks for the inspiration. AJ

  10. I love this. I am scared to be up against in in the Best of January. I was coming here to ask u where you got that plaque. I had a feeling it was repurpoused so I would never be able to replicate this! Some girls find all the cool stuff...


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